FOTO. 30 de fotografii incredibile care par ireale

\"\"Son Doong Cave in Vietnam.

\"\"Slipstream of the strategic bomber Tu-95MS.


\"\"Winner of Surfer Magazine’s «Photo of the Year» contest. Photographer — Zak Noyle

\"\"A forest after an accident at an aluminium plant in Hungary; the trace level of red mud is clearly seen from the picture.

\"\"Jacob’s well. Texas, USA.

\"\"Mandrill portrait. Photographer — Wolf Ademeit.


«The face of an iceberg.» The photo was taken by the user ‘strummingmusic’ during an expedition in Antarctica

\"\"Camouflage clothing from the American company Realtree.

\"\"An old boat at the bottom of a drained channel in the Czech Republic.

\"\"A boy puts red chilli peppers in a heap for making powder on a farm. Ahmedabad, India.

\"\"The six-foot jump of an antelope saves her from death. Kariega Reserve, South Africa. Photographer-Jacques Matthysen.

\"\"Tea plantations in the province of Corrientes, Argentina. Photographer-Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

\"\"The North Korean military and civilians at the stadium of Kim Il Sung.

\"\"Zhangjiajie National Park, China. All the sketches for the landscapes of Pandora for the movie ‘Avatar’ were made here.

\"\"Buddhist monks’ ritual before starting the paper lanterns. Suphan Buri Province, Thailand.


Lake Sameranger with beautiful clear water. Tyrol, Austria.

\"\"A crane operator captured Shanghai from above.

\"\"Children ride on a boat on a crystal clear lake in Sabah, Malaysia.

\"\"Resort Porlamar on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

\"\"Bamboo forest in Japan.


Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Tannourine, Lebanon.

\"\"Winter landscape in Grabovica, Serbia.

\"\"The shadow of the surface of the table on her leg.

\"\"Chinese artist Liu Bolin, more widely known as the Invisible Man, works with the technique of «creative camouflage.»

\"\"Spider-peacock (Maratus volans).

\"\"Fog over San Francisco, USA.


A witty goose is taking advantage of the situation.

\"\"Lava from Kilauea volcano is poured into the sea, creating a huge escape of steam. As it rose, multiple vortices began spinning off of the huge plume. Hawaii.


While diving in Australia.

\"\"I am so hidden right now!

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